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Send Email to SMS Services

iSMS Malaysia currently enables you to easily send SMS to multiple recipients from your email account or e-mail client to any mobile phone network worldwide.

Using iSMS Feature - Email to SMS

You can send a text message to any mobile phone from within any email client, including Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, Eudora, AOL and Pegasus by following a simple format. Regardless where you are, you can be planning to send sms to Singapore and receive text messages provided you have access to email.

For more information adding SMS functionality visit our Developer API page HERE.

Learn everything about our latest feature and all its configurations. Gain all the benefits you can by implementing this Email to SMS feature in your organisation.

iSMS Malaysia - Email to SMS
Email To
Subject isms
Content Format STARTISMS
iSMS Username:iSMS Password:Message Type(choose either 1=Normal SMS or 2=Unicode)
Destination number 1;number 2;number 3.....
Your message

Email to SMS Parameters

Parameter Details Example
To Send your request to isms server
Subject Enter your subject isms
STARTISMS Enter STARTISMS as your message header. (Case Sensitive) STARTISMS
ENDISMS Enter ENDISMS as your message footer. (Case Sentitive) ENDISMS
ISMS USERNAME Enter your isms's Username your username
ISMS PASSWORD Enter your isms's Password your password
MESSAGE TYPE 1 for Normal
2 for Unicode
PHONE Enter your destination phone number. Using COMMA(,) for multiple phone number 601xxxxx , 601xxxxx
MESSAGE Your sms message Hi John

Key Features of Email to SMS Service:

  • Email to SMS linkage stored for audit purposes
  • Active service monitoring: Service monitoring is there that ensures 99.9% delivery of messages with nearly no downtime.

iSMS Malaysia's email to sms feature allows you to send SMS from your email account. With this you can send Bulk SMS from any e-mail client or application across the world using our SMS gateway solutions. Thus, you do not always have to logon to your iSMS account to send bulk SMS.

Key Benefits

Send Email to SMS service helps you to:

  • Send latest information or appointment reminders with your esteemed customers and partners.
  • Send bulk SMS even if you have no direct internet connectivity but are still connected to the mail server using Outlook or Thunderbird.

When using iSMS Email to SMS Services, always send email in plain text format, otherwise the HTML text will be included in the message text.

Please ensure that you prefix all the mobile numbers with the country code. E.g. India uses 91 before the mobile number and for Argentina uses 54.


iSMS offers Email to SMS service for sending emails as SMS the easiest way. The service is designed to deliver SMS, efficiently from anywhere in the world, anytime. This offering is developed for the messaging needs of the users who requires instant implementation.

For sending email to SMS, all the emails will be directed to iSMS SMS server & they automatically get converted to SMS messages. Then finally, transmitted in real-time using our high bandwidth connectivity with multiple mobile operators across the world.

Our Email to SMS Service is a great solution that fits seamlessly in a government organisation, corporate enterprise or any businesses.

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