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SMS Verification for Bank SMS Verification for Bank

Online fraud cases are on the rise. Thus, iSMS Malaysia feels the need of verifying genuine customers is more critical than ever before. iSMS Malaysia provides a simple and cost-effective solution for you. By sending a text message to the user, iSMS confirms the legitimacy of the user in real-time and collects the valid, traceable phone number. The solution is user friendly and feasible.

Bulk SMS Malaysia One-time password (OTP) provides system generated password for one transaction. SMS OTPs are increasingly used in two-factor authentication systems to add an additional layer of security as many organisations such as banks and supply chains which offers online services, recognise the flaw of using traditional username and static password. The method is no longer sufficient in providing protection against unauthorised access. Static passwords are vulnerable to cracking. If a network relies on this one-factor authentication method, it will be prone to replay attacks. OTP SMS systems is capable to overcome the short-comings of static passwords - the one-time password won't work on second attempts because it is only valid for once.

Currently, almost all transactions made via Master/Visa credit cards or banking transactions will require an additional One Time Password (OTP) SMS Verification. This requirement has been made mandatory by banks for quite some time. The introduction of OTP is intended to reduce the possibility of fraudulent transactions and safeguard your customers.

Your customers will receive the OTP via sms from our secured sms system and enter the OTP when requested during the web transactions. The OTP is valid for only one transaction.

Bulk SMS Malaysia provides Automated, Realtime, Customizable, Competitively priced service in the SMS market.

Bulk SMS Malaysia One-Time Password is a very useful tool to be intregrated into your website, when:

  • Authentication for Mobile Websites
  • Authentication for Mobile Applications
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Password Reset
  • Replace Challenge Questions
  • Replace Passwords
  • Password Strengthening / Add One-Time Passwords
  • Mobile Transaction Authorization
  • Authentication for "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD)
  • Persistent Login
  • Many more!

Demo: One-Time Password (OTP)

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One-Time Password Benefits

Prevent Replay Attacks

Network systems which relies only on static passwords for authentication are very susceptible to hacker attacks. Users will only change their password under certain circumstances. Probably they would write them down or accidentally share them with colleagues. Passwords can be cached on PC hard drives and stored on servers (often unencrypted), thus their online user account is prone to cracking. On the other hand, SMS OTP is only valid for one authentication attempt and cannot be re-used to access the network even if a hacker manage to intercept the transaction process and record the information.

How does it work?

When you are ready to complete your online transaction or saving your amended profile, a SMS OTP will sent to your mobile phone. Our SMS OTP System will prompt you to enter your given password and you may continue or complete the transaction/saving process.

MIS = Your Application Server

OTP = One Time Password

Option 1: One Time Password (OTP) Generated and Verified by MIS System

1: User logins to MIS

2: MIS verifies user id and Other. If it is ok then MIS will generate OTP and send it to iSMS Gateway to be forwarded  to user’s mobile phone thru SMS

3: User will receive OTP and key it into MIS

4: MIS will verify OTP input by user based on generated OTP.

Option 2: One Time Password(OTP) generated by iSMS Gateway and All Verifications done by MIS System

1: User logins to MIS System

2: MIS Verifies user id, PIN and other. If it is ok then MIS will request Mobiweb to generate OTP

3: iSMS Gateway generates OTP and sends it to user and MIS

4: User will receive OTP and key it into MIS and MIS will verify OTP input by user based on OTP received from iSMS Gateway


Option 3: One Time Password(OTP) generated and verified by MIS System

1: User logins to MIS

2: MIS verifies user id. If it is ok then MIS send request to iSMS Gateway to generate OTP and send it user's mobile.

3: User receives OTP and key it into MIS

4: MIS receives OTP input by user and forwards it to iSMS Gateway for verification.

5: iSMS Gateway receives verification request from MIS and gives response to MIS whether the OTP is correct or not.

How much does it cost?

There will be no setup fees for adapting the service or charges towards your customers. However, every SMS OTP sent to your customers will deduct 1 SMS credit from your iSMS account.

Can the original password be resent to me?

No, whenever you perform a transaction requiring an OTP, a new password will be sent to you by SMS.

How to Verify Your Client with SMS Verification Service (OTP Service)

1. Login to your iSMS account at iSMS Homepage.

SMS Verification for Bank

2. Go to SMS Extra > SMS Verification.

SMS Verification for Bank

3. At SMS API (Phone Verification Setting), fill in the necessary details as below.

Please take note:

  • Allow Domain
    Your website address which you will be using our SMS Verification Service.
  • Success Return URL
    Users will be redirected to that webpage upon successful verification.
  • Fail Return URL
    Users will be redirected to that webpage upon failed verification.
  • Message Template
    SMS received by users will follow the template message you inserted.
SMS One-Time Password for Banks and Merchants

4. Copy and paste the iframe html code (provided in your iSMS admin panel) into your desired section of your website.

SMS One-Time Password for Banks and Merchants

Below is how the iFrame looks like in your website.

SMS One-Time Password for Banks and Merchants

5. If you are an advanced user, you may include the sample code (provided in your iSMS admin panel) into your website.

Remember to add the code within <body></body> tag.

SMS One-Time Password for Banks and Merchants

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