SMS Marketing Campaign 'How To' Guide

Why choose SMS Marketing?

iSMS has evolved into a popular and reliable SMS marketing tool. iSMS is cost effective with wide coverage and does not have compatibility issues. With iSMS as your ultimate SMS marketing tool, you can now plan your company marketing strategy within Malaysia, Singapore or any country globally. iSMS gives you the edge over your competitors.

With iSMS's unique 2 way SMS, you will be able to build a close relationship with your customers. The SMS that you sent can be replied back to your email, so that you can trace your sms campaign. Using iSMS as your SMS marketing backbone, you are directed towards a successful SMS marketing, creating multiple opportunities to strengthen your brand presence and get to know your customers better.

Bulk SMS Marketing appears as a better advertising tool option compare to other media because you have to craft your SMS content creatively within 159 characters (unicode) or 62 characters (e.g. Chinese, Japanese). This means, you need to optimize your content carefully to catch their attention and urge them to act upon receiving the message. You can notify your customers about the latest deal in town or asking your customers to flash the SMS they received in their mobile phone to be entitled for a special store discount. The potential of bulk SMS Marketing is limitless.

Here's a tip for you: iSMS Malaysia's system is message-concatenation-ready should you require such services. With just a click, long messages will be split into several sections and joins back at the receiving mobile device. This SMS function can support up to 1350 characters in 1 SMS.

iSMS Malaysia has been around for more than 6 years. As an expert in SMS marketing industry, we advice you to choose your SMS features wisely. Find out more with us, as we offer a wide range of SMS features such as:

What can you do with Bulk SMS Service
Real Time Reporting Address Book
Birthday Reminder Bulk SMS
CSV Bulk SMS Easy Reload
Mobile Ads Multi-Account iSMS Plug In
Premium Keyword    

iSMS Malaysia is a reliable SMS service provider. If you are interested in sms products that are more complex, we also offer Mobile Ads, also known as Mobile Web Advertisement. You can include in pictures with unlimited text advertisement. Then, a link to the created content will be sent to your customer base via SMS. In addition to that, you will be able to track who viewed your Mobile Ads.

iSMS marketing tool has the capability to blast bulk SMS, which covers large client list and have access to iSMS full range of bulk sms features as well as your very own iSMS User Subscription Box Generator. Using iSMS is be capable to help you monitor your campaign performance and make improvements base on your marketing goals.

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