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Send SMS to Indonesia only cost you 1 credit. iSMS specialises in providing high quality sms marketing solutions which will help in your Indonesia bulk SMS marketing campaign.

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Purchase isms credits
Packages Price Per SMS (MYR) Total Amount (MYR) Price Per SMS (IDR) Total Amount (IDR)  
isms 500 credits 0.1000 MYR 50 365.3943 IDR 182,697.14 Purchase
isms 1,000 credits 0.0950 MYR 95 347.1246 IDR 347,124.57 Purchase
isms 3,000 credits 0.0920 MYR 276 336.1627 IDR 1,008,488.21 Purchase
isms 5,000 credits 0.0890 MYR 445 325.2009 IDR 1,626,004.55 Purchase
isms 10,000 credits 0.0850 MYR 850 310.5851 IDR 3,105,851.38 Purchase
isms 20,000 credits 0.0800 MYR 1600 292.3154 IDR 5,846,308.48 Purchase
isms 35,000 credits 0.0750 MYR 2625 274.0457 IDR 9,591,599.85 Purchase


Indonesia SMS Network Coverage:

iSMS has verified that it can send text messages to the following networks in Indonesia:

Operator Network & Alternative Names Technology
Excelcom XL Excelcomindo         GSM 900/1800
Hutchison CP Telecommunications 3 THREE         GSM 1800/3G
PT Indonesian Satellite Corporation Tbk (INDOSAT) INDOSAT PT. Satelindo         GSM 900/1800
PT Natrindo Telepon Seluler axis Lippo Telecom         GSM 1800
PT Telekomunikasi Selular TELKOMSEL Telkom Flexy         GSM 900/1800
Mobile-8 Fren Komselindo PT Komunikasi Selular Indonesi       CDMA

Network coverage last updated: Mon Feb 27 07:26:07 2012



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